Working with 3D Printers!

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The newest way to print quality 3D models right from your desk for visualisation, collaboration, and functional prototyping testing.

The new UP! Plus Desktop 3D Printer is simple  and affordable. Using additive manufacturing technology to lay down successive layers of ABS to build up a printed three dimensional model. No more long waits to send your design concepts to a 3D print bureau and risk giving away your intellectual property. 3D Print whatever you want, whenever you want and as any times as you want.

The printer is assembled and ready to go out of the box and you’ll be printing models in 15 minutes. No need to spend weeks tinkering or fiddling to get average quality 3D prototypes with a cheap DIY 3D printing project, the UP! Plus 3D Printer is ready to go out of the box for either personal or professional 3D Printing.